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Let's break it down!

...are you ready?

Queen of Roses. The epitome of beauty.

Regine Rose and her brand is set out to slay from head-to-toe. 


Our core values include providing you with top quality products and procedures to maintain and add-on to your natural beauty. We offer a wide range of beauty services for everyone, in private technician rooms, salon settings, and in the comfort of your own home (mobile).

So you've come to know more...

Here's a lil' intro to what we got in store for all future clients. An all-around pampering beauty brand that caters to you from head-to-toe. Medical esthetics and glam that lasts are what is in right now! Queen of Roses is more than willing to sit and create packages for all of your needs, including parties of 2 or more, special events, and alike.

why choose us?

who. we. are.

Sometimes looking our best gets the best of us.

We don't know what goes with what, we want to feel beautiful without going crazy, or we simply don't have enough TIME!

All of our beauty services are built around saving you the extra minutes, with semi-permanent to permanent results, giving you flawless results to take on anything!

You've come to the right place because you're in the right hands.

Multi-certified, years of education, experience in medical esthetics, insured, and educational, plus more!

Our results last and on top of that, we will never leave you hanging! 100% ongoing support guaranteed for all aftercare procedures of any size.