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COVID-19 Update:

*Due to COVID-19 all online booking availabilities have been temporarily disabled. When booking a new appointment once available, please take the time to read the guidelines to prepare yourself for your visit. Wear a mask and sanitize accordingly. No guests or outside food allowed during your appointment. If you are feeling any flu-like symptoms stay home and a rescheduled date can be provided. For more info please contact directly through email or by phone.


Cancellation Policy:

All appointments made online can be canceled up to 4 hrs prior. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation policy fee of your initial deposit and will be considered a "No Show Client". Please call or message directly to reconfirm cancellation. Emergency or last-minute cancellations will also result in your initial deposit.


Rescheduling Policy:


Rescheduling is just as easy as booking a new appointment, just click 'reschedule' in your booking confirmation and pick a new date at your earliest convenience at least 4 hours prior to your appointment time. You will receive a confirmation message to follow.

Late Policy:

Time isn't always on our side. No worries! Just call or text as soon as possible to give the heads up. A fee will be added towards your total if you can't make your appointment for more than 30 mins. ($20) To avoid any additional fees and to make sure the service is right on time, please try to come at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

Double booking:

Our app with Acuity Scheduling will not allow you to double book. However, you are more than welcome to book more than 1 appointment back to back or for future dates. If there are any last-minute changes please contact us as soon as possible.