Nail Training

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There is a high demand for nail technicians worldwide, why? Because we use our hands often and it's the first line of contact. Nails are crucial in the beauty industry because they can complete any look. 

With our carefully curated nail courses, we will explore the world of nails and all its fixings in a hands-on workshop class that includes theory and application of manis, pedis, and extensions. Build your confidence in your new emerging business by learning the skills in this Beginner Course, Ultimate Nail Course, or Nail Design Course.

For the first half of the courses, we will be setting up the foundation you will need as a new or pre-existing business owner by learning about the Public Health standards of this Personal Service, in other words, infection control, business marketing, and business planning. Whether you plan to work for yourself or for a company, learning nail skills can get you there

Beginner Course

The Beginner Course introduces the nail world for individuals with NO EXPERIENCE, easy step-by-step methods, and the basic foundations. For the naturalistic nail tech that aims to beautify individuals' nails by proper manicure and pedicure, overlay in acrylic and gel, and painting only - simple design and french manicure styles.


Start from the bottom up - focused on theory, application, gel mani's and pedi's, massage, pathology/nail health, assembly of the work area, sanitation and sterilization practices, and health and safety for every nail technician. It will also provide an introduction to business, marketing, and branding.

Certification issued at the end of the course period following passing submissions.

Ultimate Nail Course

If you feel confident and ready to take on the world, the Ultimate Nail Course is for you! NO EXPERIENCE needed.

This course will cover how to's of Acrylics, Bio Gel, UV Gel, overlays, polishes and shellacs, and many more different products and applications needed for basic-intermediate applications. It will also cover proper shaping techniques and refining the nails manually and with an e-drill.


During the Ultimate Nail Course we will learn all the material in the Beginner Course (mani/pedi) and go further and learn about styling or designing nails, nail extensions, some new trends on social media today, and how to properly align gemstones. 

This course is focused on learning and finding your own technique, train yourself to be business-minded in nails, practicing public health regulations, and getting extra products to enjoy in your kit!

Certification for the Ultimate Nail Course will include full certification for nail applications and theories and Design Certification. 

Nail Design Course

The Design Course is exclusively for individuals with some nail knowledge and wishes to learn nail designs and art.


Some theories and techniques will be covered and basic products will be provided on the day of training. This course will cover XXL acrylic extensions, line work, ombre and marble designs, 3D acrylic designs, gemstone theory and application, the use of forms, and all things glitter.


Certification for design will be issued upon the end of the course with passing submission. Proof of previous nail experience must be submitted 2 weeks prior to training or must be a beginner or ultimate nail student of Queen of Roses Academy and wish to continue education.


Complete product design kit included.

Beginner Nail Course

Learn the basics of all things

nails, perform perfect manicures and pedicures, easy designs, sanitation, marketing, and business.


  • Basic Product Kit 

  • Mani/Pedi Essentials

  • Complete Workbook

  • Practice Hand & Supplies

  • Sterilization & Sanitation Supplies

  • Certificate Upon Completion


$850 + HST
*with full access to all online workshops

Ultimate Nail Course


Dive deeper into your nail knowledge, cover the basics plus more, learn new and exciting nail trends using the design kit included, including sanitation, marketing, and business.


  • Advanced Product Kit

  • Nail Design Essentials

  • Practice Hand & Supplies

  • Complete Workbook

  • Sterilization & Sanitation Supplies

  • Certificate Upon Completion