Gem Jelly - UV/LED Hard Gel

Gem Jelly - UV/LED Hard Gel

SKU: 100056

Gem Jelly is the thing you didn't know you needed! Used to apply rhinestone gems, crystals, powder, glitter, sand, fur, pearls, 3D designs, and so much more!


Make your nail tech life easier in one step - it's an adhesive, stabilizer, and secure hold gel. Made with high quality UV/LED hard gel that requires NO WIPE and cures crystal clear!


Larger than most packaging of 30G allows you to have up to more than 200 uses! Apply using a dotter or gem rubber tool for easy maneuvering. Cures in under 30 secs in LED lights and under 60 secs. in UV lights.


For best results, apply after polish/before sealing with UV/LED Top Coat.