The Mani/Pedi Starter Kit

The Mani/Pedi Starter Kit

SKU: NI100050

Indulge in the basic essentials kit for manicures and pedicures. Perfecting a relaxing and satisfactory mani or pedi is the basis of the nail industry. All products shown do not include extra sample products added to the kit upon order*.


Handpicked for the very best experience - easy to use and even easier to start! Enjoy for personal use at home pampering and maintenance or up to 25 clients!


This kit is available for purchase WITHOUT the course while quantities last.* Any additional items can be purchased separately. Kits are made to order, processing times may be affected depending on your region. Video demos, pdf or hardcopy training manual, and worksheets not included.


What It Includes:

  • 1 x Sterilizing Container
  • 1 x Primer
  • 1 x Dehydrator
  • 1 x Top Coat UV/LED
  • 1 x Base Coat UV/LED
  • 6 x Assorted Buffer Files
  • 5 x Files
  • 2 x Scented Cuticle Oil
  • 10 x Toe Separators
  • 25 x Coarse Replacement Exfoliator
  • 25 x Fine Replacement Exoliator
  • 1 x Metal Exfoliator
  • 1 x Cuticle Nipper
  • 1 x Nail Cutter
  • 1 x Cuticle Pusher
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Tray
  • 2 x Cleaner Brush
  • 3 x Pumice Stone
  • 1 x Alcohol Pump
  • 1 x Manicure Tablet Pack
  • 50 x Cotton Pads
  • 1 x Massage OIl
  • 1 x Foot Scrub
  • 1 x Foot Lotion
  • 1 x Cuticle Softener


*Kit is subject to reflect everything seen in the picture PLUS extras and/or samples included upon shipment.*